(VIDEO) How To Tell The Difference Between Double Thread and Single Thread Wayuu Bags

difference between double thread and single thread wayuu bag

 VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hi guys! This is Jade from the store Lombia + Co. I sell Wayuu bags and all things Wayuu and Colombian. A question many of you have asked me is what is the difference between double thread and single thread. Now this is something that is hard to understand if you don’t […]

How Long Does it Really Take to Make A Wayuu Bag?

Wayuu bags or mochila bags are a traditional craft that has been practiced by Wayuu women for hundreds of years. The craft of crocheting Wayuu bags is an art that is learned from a young age.Although it is said that a double threaded Wayuu bag can take anywhere from 10 to 15 days, this is […]

How To Care and Clean for Your Wayuu Bag

In order to clean your Wayuu bag appropriately, the first thing you should know is the type of fabric it is made with. I must say that I have seen some sellers claim their Wayuu bags were made of natural fibers and cotton. This is a common misconception and unlike popular belief, no Wayuu bag […]

The Wayuu Women Behind Your Wayuu Bag

Surely, you are curious to know about the origins of your Wayuu bag. You want to know where it came from and who made it. These factors are what give your Wayuu bag its colors and patterns.Let’s take a brief overview and see what’s behind your brightly colored mochila bag.   Who are the Wayuu […]

Different Types and Uses of Wayuu Colombian Bags

The Wayuu people make different types of mochila crochet bags depending on the use. They are used throughout the Wayuu tribe culture and by both Wayuu women and men. Here are a few different types of Wayuu Colombian bags: Susuchon This is a small bag worn by men that is meant to hang on each […]

Origin of Wayuu Mochila Bags

Wayuu mochila bags are the ultimate expression of the Wayuu people. Wayuu bags are easily recognizable due to their colors and designs. Wayuu Colombian bags are crochet, a practice introduced by the Catholic at the beginning of the 20th century. Each Wayuu handbag can take approximately 20 days to crochet. The bright colors of the Colombian Wayuu bags […]

Fake Wayuu Bag Imitations Made in Colombia

Wayuu Colombian indigenous people reported industrial productions of their Wayuu colombia bags being reproduced in Medellin. It was said that machines were producing up to 500 Colombian mochilas in the single day and sold at a much lower price then the original colombian wayuu bags. This was a catastrophe in the eyes of the indigenous Colombian as […]

The Traditional Life of a Wayuu Woman

Wayuu women have always had an important role in their community and have continuously participated in the development of their tribe. In Wayuu culture, women traditionally care for the home and while the man fishes or takes care of the cattle. But apart from the day to day chores, the real beauty the wayuu indigenous tribe are the […]

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