Why choose us to be your Wayuu Mochila Bag Wholesale provider?

Our compromise to excellent and speedy customer service, authentic and quality Wayuu mochila bags from La Guajira and promise for beautiful designs make us the best Wayuu providers in Colombia.

When you choose to buy from us, you receive:

  • Premium quality​
  • Unbeatable price/quality value
  • The customer service you deserve

Custom designs & Unique pieces

Each bag you see on my website is one-of-a-kind. There’s no bag exactly the same out there. As a result, you can only get one of each.

Custom designs are possible but I personally don’t recommend them. Many wholesalers will promise that they can do it but they will deliver much lower quality and much later than the deadline stated.

Shipping Methods & Other Fees 

For more information regarding shipping methods, delivery times and custom taxes, check out the Frequently Asked Shipping and Tracking Questions.

About ordering wholesale Wayuu mochila bags

Wholesale orders start at 15 bags. We ship worldwide from Bogota with experience shipping to Asia, Europe and the U.S.  

We work hard to get you the bags you want in time and at the price you want .

NOTE: I do not reserves bags until payment is received. 



If you’re just curious about wholesale prices at Lombia + Co. feel free to drop me an email using the message box.

If you want an exact quote, select the 15 bags you’d like to get a quote for from the website.


Write to me, telling me the names of the bags and the country you need them shipped to.

I will send you all the information you need including:

  • Exact quote for the bags you want
  • Shipping options and costs
  • How I can help reduce your import taxes
  • Payment options

Write us at lombiaandco@gmail.com

or Whatsapp us at +57 321 964 9060

or simply write to us below!