Hi guys! This is Jade from the store Lombia + Co.

I sell Wayuu bags and all things Wayuu and Colombian.

A question many of you have asked me is what is the difference between double thread and single thread.

Now this is something that is hard to understand if you don’t see the Wayuu bags in your own hands.

So today I actually wanted to show you the difference between double thread and single thread, like this you have a better understanding when you buy.

Right here, I have double thread bags and over here I have single thread bags. The first thing to begin with, when you hold a double threaded bag, it will usually be much heavier than a single thread bag. About twice the weight.

This is because the stitches of a double thread bag are filled with thread to make each stitch larger. Doing this saves on crochet time and allows the indigenous women to crochet double thread bags twice as fast as single thread bags.

A single thread bag will take about 20 days to crochet, while a double thread bag will take about 10 days or less. Another difference that you will see in the double thread versus the single thread Wayuu bags are the drawstrings.

Typically in a double thread bag, drawstrings are twisties or braided. While a single thread bag have sturdier drawstrings that are also crocheted.

Another difference between double thread and single thread is the strap. A double thread strap is usually thicker and looks a little something like this. These are very typical double thread straps.

While a single thread strap is a little bit different. It is sturdier and does not stretch overtime, while a standard double thread strap does.

As it is normal for a double thread bag to stretch, over time it will start to hang lower. If you do not like this style, one way to fix this is to unstitche the strap which is very easy, and re-stitch the strap so you shorten the length.

Another thing that you will notice in single thread bags that double thread wayuu bags don’t usually have is design on the bottom. These single thread bags, however, do not have any particular design on the bottom, but sometimes they will have a little bit more intricate designs.

As you can see, these double thread mochila bags are very simple. Sometimes they will have designs but more often then them not they will not.

Another thing you will find is a blend of both single thread and double thread bags. Sometimes you’ll find a double thread wayuu bag with single thread drawstrings and straps. These types of details is what makes a double thread mochila bag more expensive because the time it takes to make the strap or the drawstring is a little bit more time-consuming which will increase the price of your Wayuu bag.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions about single thread versus single thread wayuu bags, please let me know and I will be more than glad to answer any question you may have.

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