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Hola, nice to meet you! I’m Jade 🙂

I started on this Wayuu bag journey back in December 2015 because I fell in love with the bags and I couldn’t own just one!

Today, I’m still buying Wayuu bags like crazy, just not for myself anymore. Now, I’m constantly traveling to La Guajira from Bogota to bring you the best curation of Wayuu bags.

First, when you buy a Wayuu bag from me, know that I work with several associations and individuals in La Guajira who give back to the artisans who crochet the bags. They also provide them with fair pay. Because that’s the least we can do.

Second, all bags are handpicked and checked for quality.

Third, I have a good eye for design and select bags you’ll love to wear and that you won’t find anywhere else.

Absolutely. The bag was brought straight from where the indigenous people live in the desert. They crochet in their huts, on a dirt floor and the bag can get quite dusty.

As the bags are made of an acrylic blend, the color will not easily fade in the wash. To clean it:

1.Place it in the washing machine with like colors on a COLD setting

2. Do not spin

3. Lay flat to dry

Although the merchandise is located in Bogota, as of now I just have my e-commerce shop.


Yes I do! If you’re interested, learn more buying wholesale Wayuu mochila bags.


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